Kids With Cancer

Journey Beads are a great way to remember the fun times and not so fun times  for those choose to remember their treatment. The journey beads were collected by my mom when i was going though my treatment, which stretched out to be 20 feet long. ethan-olmat-with-his-beaded-journey-536x750.jpg

I love the look on his/her face going through a very hard time in our lives, but the smile on that face just makes glow.


As you can see there are different colors 77f927228f77b6aa50d611fa231fb1db--beads-of-courage-girl-stuff.jpg

It is a amazing way understand and remember your time

est thing is when your done you can show your friends)


Great Things to do for cancer patients

Great Ideas

                                                    Ways Help Out Your Cancer Friend

1.Because patients are stuck in the hospital for so long they don’t get to do the things they did at home such as doing the cleaning and chores. You are quite tired when you come home from cancer treatment. Having your house clean is an amazing site.clean for someone with cancer

2.Doing  yard work is a great help as well.Grass grows, snow and leaves fall there is nothing better then coming home yard clean and done.

3.Taking care of family members, if the patient has kids it would be a lot of stress if your able to take  them for some day,if they comfortable with it.

watch cancer patietns kids

4.Visiting the patient is a great idea, having a good visit is always a pick me up.When I was going through my cancer treatment I had 100+ people see me. It cheered me up, but I never really thought they saw me because I could have died( not all ways the reason) I never thought of that I was to happy to see all my friend, family, and people I haven’t seen for a long time. A great pick me up.

 normal hospital visits cancer

5. Keep it neutral. When you visit a cancer patient don’t make it about the cancer, you can ask them how they are doing but don’t make it about cancer. Visit them like your visiting them at home, they might not look the same, talk the same,or be very sleepy it depends on the treatment. If you want to talk about their cancer, mostly wait for the patient to talk about it. Make it like a normal visit.

6.Their normal people, if you have a friend that likes shopping, movies when your friend is able to leave the hospital and they have the energy(treatment is a very tiring) do what they like go shop for clothes like I said make it neutral like I said. When you go out with your cancer friend, no matter who they are,they will get looked at, it is just the human curiosity for someone that looks different for them to look or even stare. Don’t react to them. If some comes up to your friend and ask about their cancer let them talk.(differs some times) I never hide from society I was happy being bald so I walked bald.

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Don`t laugh Cancer is serious

You should never ever laugh when you’re going through cancer this is a terrible part  your life


Hold up, stop don’t move an inch are you saying that you can’t have fun even though you’re in the hospital


Life with cancer does not mean depressing time, sure you`ll have your bad days but bring on the party in your hospital room (unless you have a baby in your room then SHHHHHHH)

The Children’s Hospital I went to was CHEO in Ottawa, Ontario it was party every day theses are some examples



Children’s Hospitals are amazing



Adults Cancer Hospitals can just be as fun check out theses pictures



A Thousand Needles

A very fine slender piece of metal with a point at one end and a hole or eye for thread at the other, used in sewing.

Working with Cancer means needles will play a part in your recovering. Not to scare you but it will help you , every blood work is one step closer to you walking out of the hospital. It my be painful but trust me it will get better, you don’t need be worried. Talk to your nurse ask them how to make it more comfortable. I never like them, but I talked to my nurse they helped a lot they have their own tricks to help you.


Don’t Ever To Be Afraid To Ask


Theses are my top some movie they might not be yours but they are mine. I’ll put the official ratings from IMGb movie rating site  and my pros and cons.



1.Sherlock Holmes (2009) 7.6/10+Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (2011) 7.5/10

Pros-I found to a personal level their has never been a movie quite like this. The way he thinks(power of deduction) and the way he fights I just love this movie

Cons- Nothing right now

2.Pirates of the Caribbean(2003) 8/10

Pros-There is just something about Johnny Depp that can’t do anything wrong. Every movie have seen him in I have loved.(personal) This goes all movies

Cons-the only dip they had in rating was the strangers tide

3.Life of Pi(2012)7.9/10

Pros-There is something about a boy getting trapped on a boat with a tiger that just love. I was on the end of the seat literally waiting for sharks start circling the boat,very suspenseful.

Cons-I was looking for compassion in the movie. Sure it could been him telling the story, but maybe for an animal to survive and be his companion. Something like in tom hacks movie ”Cast away” the basket ball was his companion,something to give him hope

4. Maze runner(2014)6.8/10

Pros-OK this movie was my favorite dystopia movie because  it involved very little to no romance. Every other dystoipan is nothing thing but love,romance.Oh sure it has action,thrill sadly if you look into it is centered around romance,oh the disappointment

Cons-Like most movies based on books,the movies was very close but it can never compare to the book

5.The Revenant(2015)8.0/10

Pros-great adventure enough said

Cons-it was almost three hour movie and I thought  they could of ended it a little earlier at the end

6.American Sniper(2014) 7.3/10

Pros-everything was awesome,it was a little long but unlike the The Revenant it was needed as it was real story

Cons-Just long

7. Rango(2011)7.2/10

Pros- (First movies saw on Netflix) just something about this I love, probably because it has Johnny Depp as the voice of the main character.

Cons-just say not much or none I can think of right now

8.Bad Boys(2003)6.6/10

Pros- love the action, love will smith in this is one of my favorite actors at this time.Just Love this movie

Cons-Not for little ones(but now a days kids watch movies like this)


Pros-It has won a award and many nomination, I love watching this because the characters in it. the brother is his best friend, crazy paranoid chef, and one simple boys that need help from a rat

Cons-you will watch it ,over,over


Pros- I’m surprised  this is so high in the ranks, I got it for no reason,just because it looked interesting and I loved it.Love the special powers.

Cons- No one in my family liked it probably because of the way it was filmed.This can a problem for some people, and is not that popular

Worst Movie Ever I Saw!!!

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Critics Consensus: A pioneering feat in the field of twerking polar bear animation but blearily retrograde in every other respect, Norm of the North should only be screened in case of parental emergency.

When I saw this movie and it was only because I was bored. I was astounded by how bad this movie was, everything about this movie made me cringe. The plot I found was terrible, animation was like we stepped back a full decade. I’m really not quite sure what they were trying to accomplish with this movie. If you get a comment like this by an official online movie rating site, you know something went wrong.

To have more reviews to back up my statements

User Pepper O wrote on Rotten Tomatoes: ‘Extremely disappointed that I spent full ticket prices to see this awful show. My 9 year old did not laugh once.’

Courtney T added: ‘This was the worst movie I have ever seen. This is also the first review I have given. That’s how strongly I feel about my hatred for this movie.’

Wendy T agreed, summing up with: ‘Brutally unfunny, boring, and predictable.’

Despite all this, the film still grossed £6.5 million in its first four days. This suggests there may be enough fuel for a sequel. God help us.

PS You get the message

Portocath(For beginners)

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Portacath -A portacath is an implanted venous access device for patients who need frequent or continuous administration of chemotherapy. Drugs used for chemotherapy are often toxic, and can damage skin, muscle tissue, and sometimes veins.

This is not as scary as you think when you get a portacath(I’m going to call them a ”port”) for the sake of space. Ports are implanted into your chest by surgery, a port is to help you and the chemo go through your body and so you don’t damage your outer body.It is directly attached to a main artery.

How does it work

-a nurse/doctor will insert a needle into the skin where the port will be. The port has a rubber inside where the needle will stay in. This process will be done by dry ice freeze spray on the skin so you don’t feel the needle. You will feel some pressure when it is going in(get used to it after a few tries)  Once in they will put some tape over it so it doesn’t come out. You walk around, it might feel different when moving around, that’s OK  This how you will get your Chemo

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Will be removed by surgery after treatment