Why Can’t I Get A Tattoo, Mom!

The adrenal glands (also known as supra renal glands) are endocrine glands that produce a variety of hormones including adrenaline and the steroids testosterone and cortisol. They are found above the kidneys. Each gland has an outer cortex which produces steroid hormones and an inner medulla.


It seem a lot of people are wanting tattoo’s now a days, they can be expensive dangerous

 Why Can’t I Get A Tattoo, Mom!

As a artist and especially as a zentangle artist I have thought of getting a tattoo, a sleeve tattoo to be precis. To answer the question I have put as my tittle “Why Can’t I Get A Tattoo, Mom”. First I would like to point out that my mom is not saying I can’t get a tattoo, on the other hand she is OK with it .

The reason I am not able to get a tattoo is my adrenal gland is not working, as I have put up a description from “wiki”  on what exactly a adrenal gland is I will break it down to a more understand able definition.

1. Adrenal glands are the producers of your adrenaline , testosterone and cortisol

– adrenaline: activates in a course of sever stress increasing rates of blood circulation, breathing, and carbohydrate metabolism and preparing muscles for exertion.

-testosterone: a steroid hormone that stimulates development of male secondary sexual characteristics, produced mainly in the testes, but also in the ovaries and adrenal cortex.

-cortisol: It is released in response to stress and low blood-glucose concentration.(simple description)


Now all of these work together in the adrenal gland, the adrenaline is my problem my adrenal gland does not work after radiation. So that means that my body is not able to cope with major stress.

I don’t know the feeling of a tattoo needle on my skin feels like, but I am under the assumption it hurts. To relate to a serious stress. You break your leg it hurts, but your adrenaline jumps in not as bad. I break a leg I feel the extent of the broken leg. Your body can take only a certain amount of stress till it gives away. The possibility of me dying from a broken leg is very real. So I have to take medication to replace my adrenal gland.

Now people have asked what happens if you need to use fight or flight ability, well I would like to say I have not had the chance to test it yet and hopefully won’t ever have to.

Thank you for reading this lengthy script I wanted to share with you guys

I hope you find this educational and answer some of your questions


The Harpoon Theory

The Harpoon Cone Snail is venomous, with a shooting harpoon hook that can shoot  it’s prey in 250 milliseconds paralyzing the fish in 50 milliseconds,

Now how does the cone snail fit into this blog.

The poisonous the snail fires goes straight into physiological function of the fish and no where else. Sense it does not spread any where else in the prey’s body, it has been theorized that scientists can direct chemo medicine directly to the source of the cancer, instead of needing it to travel through body. Now this not a fix for ever cancer that exist, but it is a huge step in the right direction. The Snail Harpoon theory has not been tested and is still in laboratories and will hopefully be a success. In the future this theory can saves lives and could be the cure for cancer the world is looking for.

Be very  careful when being on a beach that has cone snails, a cone snail can kill a fish but it can kill a human to. There are no anti-venom for a sting from a cone snail. Never pick up a cone snail unless you know there is nothing in the shell.

Thank you and be safe




This is a show on a secret agent spy working with a company name Isis go figure, anyway the show is about a group people working for this spy company. Archer is main protagonist and his mother who owns the company.Lana his ex also,a spy. And more why am I telling you this and putting it on my cancer blog?

Well I believe that the show Archer made by Adam Reed, has portrayed the most true dipiction of what is like when going through cancer.

When Sterling Archer gets breast cancer the detail that went into the show for explaining and showing what cancer looks like and feels like,is beyond expected.

I would like to give thanks to Adam Reed for depicting such a realistic view on cancer patients (even though Archer’s a spy) the detail is remarkable and I thank you

Get your lazy ass out of bed

I mean this in the most polite way, now I know some arn’t able to get out of bed or your to tired or you just want to relax. That OK

But when you can get out of bed, walk around you need to stay mobile when you are able to. When you are stuck in a hospital for months on end you can not afford to get lazy. Being mobile is essential to your health and going back into society after your treatment is  done. 

You might not notice it but all that laying in bed can cause

-muscle loss,

-stabilization problems,

-weight gain

-blood flow.

Two big subject you need to look at in this list is, 

-Muscle loss;you can loss quite a lot of muscle mass when you don’t move.

-Blood flow; blood flow is needed to keep you moving, don’t move your blood isn’t flowing. 

 Activity after cancer 

Keeping your body fit after treatment, exercising will improve you body after such a shock to your system,  and studies have found exercise improve the chances of your cancer not coming back (there is no guarantee), will not exercising help you make the chances slimmer. 

Me vs Radiation


As life with a brain tumor and having radiation directly to the brain, it has made some lasting marks. Theses are something I have to face after radiation.


My seizure are more recent then my last two articles. My seizures are a mild variation to more sever cases, others may start shaking, falling to the ground, biting their tongue,etc.

My seizures consist of me going numb on my right side of my body including arm and leg. My seizure will at most time last 10 minutes I am still in control of my body in seeing thinking and muscle control.

What happens is it is like I have been paralyzed except my muscles are in somewhat working order, just slowed I can see what I am doing but unable to calculate how much force I need move my limbs. I can trip over boxes trying to get to bed to lay down.

The seizures can effect my work, but as long as I am taking my medication they are far apart and few in between

Seizures May Be Apart Of My Life For Ever


It Does Not Control My Life


Me vs Radiation


As life with a brain tumor and having radiation directly to the brain, it has made some lasting marks. Theses are something I have to face after radiation.


Fatigue was another mountain I had to face. Just like my memory loss, fatigue has slowly faded over time. It too has brought me problems after I entered society again, not only did my fatigue drain my energy physically, it also drained my brain mentally as well. It worked hand in hand my brain got tired I got tired.

Entering “society” and high school after my treatment, it was hard to say the least I was not able to stay full days at school. My brain would get tired just from a hour of work.( I graduated high school with my friends)

Work was another problem I had to face as well I didn’t go back to work right off the hop, but when I did I was still dealing with my fatigue. So I had to find employers that could accommodate my disability.

Rest is essential when you are dealing with fatigue, don’t fight it. It is a way your body is telling your brains tired stop and take a nap,

Fatigue Can Be A Tough Thing To Live With

But Don’t It Control Your Life


Me vs Radiation


As life with a brain tumor and having radiation directly to the brain, it has made some lasting marks. Theses are something I have to face after radiation.

Memory Loss 

Memory loss was and still is probably the hardest thing to deal with after radiation. I am now only at most times be able to hold two things in my brain at a time. Carrots and Broccoli, anything more my brain is unable to remember.

My short term memory loss has caused me not to able to go to college because I can not remember a lot. Tests almost have no purpose because, I can’t hold any of what I’m learned unless in can see it on a sheet during the test.

Surprisingly and I don’t know about how the radiation facts for long term memory, but I am able to remember vivid memory of when I was five. I don’t think this from my radiation, but to be able to retain my past still is something I find amazing.

Things that I have a interest and repetitive in I can be held in my  memory much easier then,  things that don’t interest me. I guess that’s understandable for most people.

Memory Loss Is Not Fun,

But An Eye Opener To Things

We Take For Granted Everyday Like Our Memory

         I would like to put in that I did not have any brain surgery on my tumor, that would   effect any memory that I talked about in the article.