Portocath(For beginners)

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Portacath -A portacath is an implanted venous access device for patients who need frequent or continuous administration of chemotherapy. Drugs used for chemotherapy are often toxic, and can damage skin, muscle tissue, and sometimes veins.

This is not as scary as you think when you get a portacath(I’m going to call them a ”port”) for the sake of space. Ports are implanted into your chest by surgery, a port is to help you and the chemo go through your body and so you don’t damage your outer body.It is directly attached to a main artery.

How does it work

-a nurse/doctor will insert a needle into the skin where the port will be. The port has a rubber inside where the needle will stay in. This process will be done by dry ice freeze spray on the skin so you don’t feel the needle. You will feel some pressure when it is going in(get used to it after a few tries)  Once in they will put some tape over it so it doesn’t come out. You walk around, it might feel different when moving around, that’s OK  This how you will get your Chemo

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Will be removed by surgery after treatment





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