Theses are my top some movie they might not be yours but they are mine. I’ll put the official ratings from IMGb movie rating site  and my pros and cons.



1.Sherlock Holmes (2009) 7.6/10+Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (2011) 7.5/10

Pros-I found to a personal level their has never been a movie quite like this. The way he thinks(power of deduction) and the way he fights I just love this movie

Cons- Nothing right now

2.Pirates of the Caribbean(2003) 8/10

Pros-There is just something about Johnny Depp that can’t do anything wrong. Every movie have seen him in I have loved.(personal) This goes all movies

Cons-the only dip they had in rating was the strangers tide

3.Life of Pi(2012)7.9/10

Pros-There is something about a boy getting trapped on a boat with a tiger that just love. I was on the end of the seat literally waiting for sharks start circling the boat,very suspenseful.

Cons-I was looking for compassion in the movie. Sure it could been him telling the story, but maybe for an animal to survive and be his companion. Something like in tom hacks movie ”Cast away” the basket ball was his companion,something to give him hope

4. Maze runner(2014)6.8/10

Pros-OK this movie was my favorite dystopia movie because  it involved very little to no romance. Every other dystoipan is nothing thing but love,romance.Oh sure it has action,thrill sadly if you look into it is centered around romance,oh the disappointment

Cons-Like most movies based on books,the movies was very close but it can never compare to the book

5.The Revenant(2015)8.0/10

Pros-great adventure enough said

Cons-it was almost three hour movie and I thought  they could of ended it a little earlier at the end

6.American Sniper(2014) 7.3/10

Pros-everything was awesome,it was a little long but unlike the The Revenant it was needed as it was real story

Cons-Just long

7. Rango(2011)7.2/10

Pros- (First movies saw on Netflix) just something about this I love, probably because it has Johnny Depp as the voice of the main character.

Cons-just say not much or none I can think of right now

8.Bad Boys(2003)6.6/10

Pros- love the action, love will smith in this is one of my favorite actors at this time.Just Love this movie

Cons-Not for little ones(but now a days kids watch movies like this)


Pros-It has won a award and many nomination, I love watching this because the characters in it. the brother is his best friend, crazy paranoid chef, and one simple boys that need help from a rat

Cons-you will watch it ,over,over


Pros- I’m surprised  this is so high in the ranks, I got it for no reason,just because it looked interesting and I loved it.Love the special powers.

Cons- No one in my family liked it probably because of the way it was filmed.This can a problem for some people, and is not that popular


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