Great Things to do for cancer patients

Great Ideas

                                                    Ways Help Out Your Cancer Friend

1.Because patients are stuck in the hospital for so long they don’t get to do the things they did at home such as doing the cleaning and chores. You are quite tired when you come home from cancer treatment. Having your house clean is an amazing site.clean for someone with cancer

2.Doing  yard work is a great help as well.Grass grows, snow and leaves fall there is nothing better then coming home yard clean and done.

3.Taking care of family members, if the patient has kids it would be a lot of stress if your able to take  them for some day,if they comfortable with it.

watch cancer patietns kids

4.Visiting the patient is a great idea, having a good visit is always a pick me up.When I was going through my cancer treatment I had 100+ people see me. It cheered me up, but I never really thought they saw me because I could have died( not all ways the reason) I never thought of that I was to happy to see all my friend, family, and people I haven’t seen for a long time. A great pick me up.

 normal hospital visits cancer

5. Keep it neutral. When you visit a cancer patient don’t make it about the cancer, you can ask them how they are doing but don’t make it about cancer. Visit them like your visiting them at home, they might not look the same, talk the same,or be very sleepy it depends on the treatment. If you want to talk about their cancer, mostly wait for the patient to talk about it. Make it like a normal visit.

6.Their normal people, if you have a friend that likes shopping, movies when your friend is able to leave the hospital and they have the energy(treatment is a very tiring) do what they like go shop for clothes like I said make it neutral like I said. When you go out with your cancer friend, no matter who they are,they will get looked at, it is just the human curiosity for someone that looks different for them to look or even stare. Don’t react to them. If some comes up to your friend and ask about their cancer let them talk.(differs some times) I never hide from society I was happy being bald so I walked bald.

head wrap via



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