Getting through Radiation

Lets get this straight when you have radiation you do not become green when your angry.

Radiation Does Not Hurt When It’s Happening  

Now every radiation treatment will not be the same, especially where you get it.Mine was to my head,this was a very sensitive area,but like my chemo I’m not going to focus on myself. I want to give advise to those  who are going through I would like to make this as neutral , but it is hard when only know how it effects me. So it will be more toward my radiation story.

Chemo is a one action for fighting cancer,but radiation is another. I have found my radiation was a lot harder then chemo, most have a easier in radiation which is true. My treatment was less then comfortable. When I started my radiation started they had make a mask, to keep my face still. The first problem wasn’t the radiation ,but the mask they made for me didn’t fit my face right so it caused great discomfort. radiation

Next was a very rare and new thing happened to me. I started having extreme bad smells,the the doctor couldn’t explain this. they were saying the radiation could be hitting a nerve that emitting this smell that I could only smell. So I struggled with this as well. I must let you all know that I had the most chemo and radiation to my body, so these side effect this might not happen to you.

Type of Cancer: Brain Tumor (middle of head +some on Spine)

-hair didn’t grow back(more of fuzz like baby hair

-Short term memory lose(got better farther I got away from my last treatment

-Can’t sweat(body gets very hot)

-double vision(until glasses)

-Fatigue gets tired if do to much + get mentally tired have to take break(gets better after years)

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What is in my EDC bag?

What will you find in my EDC bag?

I’m a walker no vehicle,live in a small enough town to be able to walk where I need to go.Now what do i carry in my EDC bag ( Everyday Carry)

1. medication have  to medication  on me at all time nothing else will be said about that

2.keys so i can get into my apartment

3.wallet for money and debit card so I can buy things

4.Phone to call people

5.charger just in case my phone close to dying a external charger save your life( mine can charge three tablet )

7.pocket knife


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Getting from A to B

For people that have seizures getting from A to B can be a struggle.Most aren’t able to drive,so they pick different transportation to get to where they need to go.

Driving is something we all take for granted groceries no problem ill get home before the ice-cream melts. I can drive to the states for my holiday.

I live in a small town of 1500 no buses, sure you can take a taxi,but i don’t have the money to be taxing around. I have food and rent.

Biking if you live in a small town or a metropolis it seems easier to get around.Now I could get a seizure on my bike.but I’d rather then driving a two ton piece of metal around  possibly killing me or someone else.

here is a guide I have been using for two years sense I wasn’t able to drive

Guide to getting from A to B


-new to having no car ,invest in a nice bike it may be expensive,but in the long run it will be worth it(city riders your fine with any bike you choose for people with not so cementy  roads but still want to have speed look into a hybrid bike it is a mix or road bike and normal family bike(the difference tire width)

-now you invested in a new bike get some saddle bag great for transportation of item without you having to carry every thing on you back there are back saddle bags for you bike but front ones also are out there.


Walking is a great choice too simple, but slower unless you run.Walking and Running is  great, you can’t carry as much things like you can with a bike. But much more safer then biking you can  have a seizure and fall. Walking you sit down and call forhelpor wait it out if not so sever


Who is tired of board games

When you think of a board game you Monopoly, Scrabble, Candy Land. But when you get old theses games don’t appeal to you anymore. Then you hear of Risk(giant game) and then magic the gathering.But theses don’t spark everyone’s interests.They need something not as confusing and long term games like risk(to those who can kick ass in risk my apologizes).Magic the Gathering if die hard D&D fans.

European/German Boards games have come to relief us of the problem

(euro games are a much different they put strategy, fun, young to old, co-op.

some to list and quick explain

-Castle Panic -you have a castle to protect with your group,from monsters coming out of the forest with different strength. But don’t worry you have knights, archers, and swordsman for every colour  and row on the board where the monsters move. Great game

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Carcassone-this game is very easy to teach, the basic is you lay tile down that have road, castle pieces and grass pieces.It turn based game is you pulls a tile at random and look at and place it on the table. The goal is complete roads and castle and grassland to gain points and to win the games  


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Much more, much more fun



how to make awesome peanut butter and jam sandwich

1.You start by grabbing some bread source(white, whole grain, rye,wrap )

2.Get some peanut butter (crunchy, smooth,extra creamy)1013-kraftpb

3.take peanut butter spread it on one slice of bread(Toasted is a option)

4.take jam,or jelly spread on one slice 

With surgery like precision put both slices of bread together slices together 

You get peanut butter and jam sandwich 

Cation:jam may drip out of sandwich if the are toasted dido the peanut butter as well(always carry napkin with you as you eat thing kind of deliciousness